13 Little Things You’re Doing to Sabotage Your Success

04 sabotage

An article by Brent Beshore CEO of AdVentures. Here is a summary:

1. Grammar: Misspellings, lack of capitalization, and generally poor grammar say you’re inattentive to detail, or, frankly, just don’t care.

2. Flaky McFlakerson: Just do what you said you would when you said you’d do it.

3. Quick Sale: Never ask to get before you give. Add value before you expect value in return. And for goodness’ sake, please don’t sneak-attack sell anyone.

4. Talking Crap:  Unless there’s a material breach of ethics involved, keep your trap shut.

5. Over-promising: Being impressive is mostly about being reasonable in your projections and hitting them consistently.

6. Not My Fault: Most of the time, it’s your own fault. Own it.

7. Lack of Patience:  Stop looking for the secret sauce or the quick fix. There aren’t any.

8. Pretend Motives: Actions have a funny way of exposing motives, particularly over time. You can pretend you want to help, but if it’s not in your heart, it will be obvious.

9.  Without Intention: Pick something meaningful to accomplish and attack it. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

10. Overcommitting: You can’t juggle an endless number of commitments.

11.  Complication:  Don’t fool yourself into believing that this one time is different, because it’s not.

12. Subtraction by Addition: Focus on addition by subtraction. Spend more time thinking, and less time doing. Be still. Be alone. Be thoughtful.

13. B.S. Just be honest and confident. Stop comparing yourself, and be grateful for whatever you actually have.

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