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Build to Sell (Even If You Don’t Plan on It) |

Most entrepreneurs don’t think about selling their businesses until it’s too late. Inc.’s Norm Brodsky gives his advice. Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and grown six businesses. This is a gem of an article a must read if you foresee an exit eventually. Build to Sell (Even If You Don’t Plan …

M&A for dummes

What Add Backs Are Legitimate in an M&A Deal? – M&A For Dummies

To get the best deal when you sell your business you must normalize EBITDA to present to your company. Especially if buyers calculate valuations in your industry on multiples of EBITDA. After all a multiple of a higher EBITDA is better. Nothing prevents you from reviewing your own financial before you decide to sell An add …

Emotional Impact

Ready to Sell Your Business? Prepare Yourself Emotionally First

Selling a business is often the biggest decision in an entrepreneur’s life, and it isn’t easy. Emotional preparation is key. Finding a buyer isn’t the only difficult step – preparing yourself for the process of letting go is also tough. After building your company over the years, giving up control is not easy. Suddenly you …


Why Every Company Should Have An Exit Strategy: It’s Just Another Business Process – Often the Most Lucrative

A good exit strategy, well matched to the characteristics of the business and market, will: improve your chances of success shorten your time to exit, and often significantly increase your final exit valuation The two essential elements are simply when and how much. Read this gem of an article by Basil Peters: Why Every Company Should Have …


6 Words of Advice on Exits from A Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Advice# Focus on creating a great company and the exit will take care of itself Build the company not to need money Hire good advisors Run a clean shop Avoid common mistakes Be prepared To read on: Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur: Chris Heim on exits. Also read Frontpage for a digest of recent posts on transition and exit …


Are You Setting Goals To Ensure a Successful Exit Strategy?

Another KERRI SALLS article offering guidelines such as ‘plan your exit strategy by intention and not by default‘. Read it here: How to Set Goals That Ensure a Successful Exit Strategy. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”–Anthony Robbins Read our Frontpage for a digest of recent posts from VirtualBoard and many other sources.