The renaissance in mergers and acquisitions…3 Bain & Company briefings

Here is an insightful series of 3 briefings from Bain & Co. although I wonder how much of this is right for Small & Medium sized businesses? Thoughts? click to download a PDF of each briefing – 1. BAIN_BRIEF_The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions 2. BAIN_BRIEF_The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions_Make_deals_successful 3. BAIN BRIEF The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions_what_to_do_with_all_that_cash    

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Why You Might Consider Selling A Startup For $20 Million Instead Of $200 Million

Sell your Startup for $20 Million instead of $200 Million after several rounds of Venture capital. Which option is better? A lower-valued startup takes less time to scale and less outside capital for lift off which means you have a likely exit sooner and own a higher percentage of your companies when you exit. There …