Back from Vacation…Sorry for the Radio Silence

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Well, I am back from vacation but with 3 extra body components (stents)! To coin a phrase I dodged a bullet.

It’s been quite an eventful 10 days, needless to say. I was on vacation in Mexico with my family and suffered a heart attack. I guess am still in some form of denial as you might imagine! I don’t understand it. As some of you know, I play racquetball 3 times a week,  play golf, walk lots of steps every week, I don’t smoke, I am not obese and of course I do drink my fair share of red wine. It has to be my genetic history.
On the day before (Saturday) I had been on a strenuous 1 hour, 3.5 mile ocean kayak trip, and on the day (Sunday) I was swimmming out to a buoy about 100 yards out in the ocean. That’s when I felt a little tired so I decided to turn back and by the time I made it to shore I was really gasping for air and coughing and wheezing. No chest pain or anything mind you. They tell me that the wheezing was indicative of fluid that had accumulated in my lungs– acute pulmonary edema (I had not swallowed any water mind you).
The saga continued with 2 angioplasty attempts in Mexico and and an airlift evacuation to San Diego on Monday afternoon. Delays as a result of the Mexicans wanting us to pay $94K before I could leave! That’s another story but thanks to American Express Platinum cards. If you don’t have one, and if you travel a lot out of the country, get one…
On Tuesday, they inserted 3 stents to open a blocked artery. However, there was a complication when they found that there was some sort of internal bleeding resultant of the three procedures I had undergone before and the blood thinning medication. Though this prolonged my stay at the hospital, it needed to be taken care of before I was eventually allowed to come home on Saturday. I have been back home for 3 days now and feeling fine so I am going to treat this episode as a minor road bump but that will need some adjustments to the old habits.
I will be blogging once a week from now on but I will also include a link to the VirtualBoard Frontpage embedded in that once a week missive. The Frontpage is a real time, newspaper like display of the latest updates on content, articles and interesting tidbits that don’t typically appear as part of the once a week blog post.
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  1. Keith Elsner says:

    Suki, your blog hit me with shock and then relief. I’m so glad to see that you are home and recovering. With everything that happened, fortune certainly smiled upon you my friend. Having such a life experience can be profoundly affecting on you. I’ve known you to always be positive, and this experience could lead to a rise in your perspective that few people have reached. Something to consider while you are recuperating. Please take care and know I am sending you my prayers.

  2. Doug Venable says:

    So glad that you are on the road to recovery. See you when I get to San Diego in a couple of weeks.

  3. Chris Adams says:

    Having taken almost forty years to catch up with you since happy days in Birmingham UK, so glad we didn’t miss you!
    Take care and get well soon. Kind regards Chris and Rosie

  4. Inde says:

    A very reflective post and we are all so glad to know you are fine. I don’t play tennis or golf much these days but this has made me assess how I take care of myself and everyone around us.

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