Mastering Boardroom Conversations

board room

Encourage open dialogue: with comments like, “What I am about to share with you are my thoughts.  Let’s explore these ideas together and discover what we can come up with as a team, drawing on the shared intelligence and wisdom of our collective.”

Speak Up: As a Board Director speaking up if you have got questions or apprehensions is critical. If you find your concerns are being ‘washed over’ even when you do speak up, take it up with the Chairman outside of the meeting.

Listen: Consider employing your listening skills more frequently in meetings. Effective listening is the key to great communication and listening to others is vital in understanding the various opinions at play.

Ask Why, How and Where’s the Evidence? Asking questions and investigating proposed strategies or decisions is a crucial part of a Board Director’s role and failing to take this initiative will essentially bring about failure in the Board’s decisions.

Be Industry Savvy: Being industry savvy will help you initiate smart discussions and will mean that you can confidently tackle the positive and negative aspects of any strategies put forward to you.

Ask how you can add more value:  To become a key contributor to meetings, meet with the Chairman/CEO and other directors and ask how you can best add value, both within as well as outside of the boardroom.

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