What Makes Your Business Worth Buying For Strategic Acquirers?

What makes your company worth buying for an experienced, strategic acquirer? Bain & Co published a buyers’ checklist in an article  on M&A. The basic premise is that M&A is a part of most winning companies’ success and disciplined acquirers pursue only those deals that satisfy a list of key strategic criteria. So I inverted their checklist to …


The renaissance in mergers and acquisitions…3 Bain & Company briefings

Here is an insightful series of 3 briefings from Bain & Co. although I wonder how much of this is right for Small & Medium sized businesses? Thoughts? click to download a PDF of each briefing – 1. BAIN_BRIEF_The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions 2. BAIN_BRIEF_The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions_Make_deals_successful 3. BAIN BRIEF The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions_what_to_do_with_all_that_cash    

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Wealth Legacy Group – RJ’s Blog – The “Necessary Nine” Tips For Successful Business Succession Planning

This post is a summary of a wonderful post on my friend RJ’s blog… 1. “Make it a family affair”… If you have a family held company, include your family members in the discussion early on … don’t leave them in the dark. It will only create hard feelings and ill will later on. 2. …

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Do Small and Medium Sized Businesses Lack Long-Term Vision?

Came across a report today that many business owners in the UK are driven by short-term priorities like selling the company to make money and do not pay enough attention to longer-term strategic goals, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Ernst & Young. As many as 85% of business owners in the UK …