Want to make your business 71% more valuable?

  What is the Sellability Score? The Sellability Score is an interactive tool that computes a comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or in the future. The Sellability Score was created by a team of researchers led by John Warrillow, author of the international bestseller Built to Sell: …


The renaissance in mergers and acquisitions…3 Bain & Company briefings

Here is an insightful series of 3 briefings from Bain & Co. although I wonder how much of this is right for Small & Medium sized businesses? Thoughts? click to download a PDF of each briefing – 1. BAIN_BRIEF_The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions 2. BAIN_BRIEF_The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions_Make_deals_successful 3. BAIN BRIEF The_renaissance_in_mergers_and_acquisitions_what_to_do_with_all_that_cash    

build to sell

Build to Sell (Even If You Don’t Plan on It) | Inc.com

Most entrepreneurs don’t think about selling their businesses until it’s too late. Inc.’s Norm Brodsky gives his advice. Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and grown six businesses. This is a gem of an article a must read if you foresee an exit eventually. Build to Sell (Even If You Don’t Plan …


Why Every Company Should Have An Exit Strategy: It’s Just Another Business Process – Often the Most Lucrative

A good exit strategy, well matched to the characteristics of the business and market, will: improve your chances of success shorten your time to exit, and often significantly increase your final exit valuation The two essential elements are simply when and how much. Read this gem of an article by Basil Peters: Why Every Company Should Have …


6 Words of Advice on Exits from A Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Advice# Focus on creating a great company and the exit will take care of itself Build the company not to need money Hire good advisors Run a clean shop Avoid common mistakes Be prepared To read on: Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur: Chris Heim on exits. Also read Frontpage for a digest of recent posts on transition and exit …


Are You Setting Goals To Ensure a Successful Exit Strategy?

Another KERRI SALLS article offering guidelines such as ‘plan your exit strategy by intention and not by default‘. Read it here: How to Set Goals That Ensure a Successful Exit Strategy. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”–Anthony Robbins Read our Frontpage for a digest of recent posts from VirtualBoard and many other sources.


Avoiding Exit Planning is One Surefire Way To Destroy the Value of Your Business

Here are 6 business value and salability destroyers  Letting Revenues and Margins to decline Not keeping a prisitne set of Books  Not addressing Customer concentration Working In your Business rather than On it! Running your business as if it is not for sale Avoiding Exit Planning Observation: Exit planning is on many business owners’ “to-do” list …


How To Protect Your Company From a Lame-Duck Investor: 4 Tips

If you see any of these symptoms from your investor(s). Disengagement Impatience Bullheadedness you may have a lame duck investor. While you can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future, there are a few steps you can take beforehand to mitigate this risk 1. Be picky 2. Analyze the fund 3. Raise money when …