Great Leaders are Comfortable being Vulnerable – a short Video by Pat Lencioni

vulnerability 2

There is something attractive about people who are humble and vulnerable. According to Lencioni there are three fears that keep us from showing vulnerability.

1. Fear of losing the business or the fear of being rejected.

People are hungry for those who will tell them the kind truth. Don’t be afraid of being rejected. 8 out of 10 times you won’t be. But sometimes you will — and you have to accept that.

2. The fear of being embarrassed

Be willing to say “I don’t understand that.” and be willing to ask dumb questions and celebrate your mistakes.

3. The fear of feeling inferior

Be willing to put yourself in an inferior position. Sometimes people don’t reward you for doing the dirty work. But you should do it anyway. This is about honoring your client’s work: being so interested in them that you care more about their success than your own.

Which of the three fears of vulnerability do you struggle with the most?


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